Headphase Media was founded by David Orlowski to offer digital downloads to both customers and businesses. David has been online since 1997 and knows what works and what doesn’t. He has personally published several books and e-books, and has had a role in publishing several more. Headphase Media was founded with the mission of finding and publishing high quality information in all formats.

Headphase Media’s primary business is digital procurement – the buying, selling and distribution of digital goods, products, information and services. There is also a wide range of services that complement the sale and distribution of digital downloads provided by Headphase Media, which range from consulting to branding and API integration wtih your backend systems.

Our clients and partners have used products and services offered by Headphase Media in many different ways.

  • Selling directly for a profit (complementing their product line)
  • Marketing as Clickbank products
  • Offering products for free for customer appreciation
  • For promotional purposes
  • To improve employee satisfaction
  • As a cost effective way to build upon internal initiatives (such as the “green” corporate movement)
  • To test email and traditional marketing campaigns

Headphase Media is proud to support clients and customers no matter what their goals.

Headphase Media also publishes and maintains several websites. As of 2009, numerous websites were purchased or brought under direct control of Headphase Media and Headphase Holdings, the division formed to maintain and moderate these sites.

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